Updated: 7-17-18

Web Exclusive: In thinking forward to each year’s blueberry season, here is some information that might help you plan your picking time.

           OPENING DATES 2004 - PRESENT     

(Determined SOLELY by Mother Nature)

                  YEAR                         OPENING DATE                # OF DAYS*

       2004                          August 14                           21
      2005                           August 6                             26
      2006                           August 5                             28
      2007                           August 4                             15
      2008                           August 9                            39
      2009                           August 15                            24
      2010                           July 31                                38
     2011                          August 13                           13
      2012                          July 28                                26
     2013                          August 10                           23
      2014                          August 16                           23
    2015                          August 15                            8
                  2016                          August 6                        11 out of 17 **

                  2017                           August 5                        15 out of 24 **

                 2018                           August 4                       15 out of 24**

*The length of the season depends, again, on Mother Nature, as well as the size of the crop and the picking pressure. 

**Closed Tues, Wed, Thurs. each week

Still lots of blueberries!!!!!

Fri - Mon 8 to 8

Closing for the season at the (8pm) of Labor Day

 We have six acres planted in four (4) varieties (Northlands – our main crop, Earliblues, Toro’s and Patriots).  All are mid-height varieties.  The main crop usually ripens in early August, although Mother Nature is highly variable.  See the chart below of Opening Dates and the length of each season.  Opening Day is always a Saturday. 

Is there anything more glorious than eating plump, juicy blueberries straight from the bush?

Well… maybe only enjoying a sweet bite of blueberries in the dead of winter! And to enjoy them even when nothing else is growing means you have to preserve them.

Farm update

In the early 1950’s Joe and Donna Czaika bought land south of Tawas City and west of US-23.  After clearing some of the land by hand during evenings, weekends, and holidays, Joe and his son, Joe Jr. planted (cultivated, not wild) blueberry bushes.  The bushes in the front two-thirds of the present farm are the very same root stock of the bushes they originally planted. 

Posted: 8/21/19

Were not that hard to find. Just approximately 2 miles south of Townline Rd in Tawas City, MI on the right hand side. 

Czaika's Blueberry Farm

838 Legget Road
Tawas City, MI 48763