Farm Info 

Our farm earned the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)

“Environmentally Verified” designation in 2014

Czaika’s Blueberry Farm is a U-Pick farm.  We have six acres planted in four (4) varieties (Northlands – our main crop, Earliblues, Toro’s and Patriots).  All are mid-height varieties.  The main crop usually ripens in early August, although Mother Nature is highly variable.  See the chart below of Opening Dates and the length of each season.  Opening Day is always a Saturday. 

You may either bring your own containers or borrow our buckets with plastic liners.  If you bring your own containers, we will weight them empty and mark the value on them or on removable tape.  This way we know how much to subtract at check-out so you don’t pay for your container.  If you borrow our buckets with liners, we will subtract what we know to be the value of each of our buckets when empty.

Other than separate arrangements through the Tawas Farm Market for the Earliblues, which ripen a couple weeks ahead of the other varieties, there is no “early” picking.  Everyone must wait until sunrise of Opening Day. 

Hours of operation:  Opening Day hours run from sunrise to sunset.  Starting the next day, we will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm 4 days a week: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  We will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week.  

Updates: This website, Facebook, and the recorded message at 989-362-4638 will be updated regularly before Opening and daily during the picking season.  If you are coming very far, please check for the daily updates.

End of season:  We will close either when we run out of blueberries or the end of Labor Day weekend, whichever comes first.  We will post the end of the season on this website, Facebook, and the recorded message at 989-362-4638.

See the “Blueberry Care tab”.

Media coverage of healthy foods almost always touts blueberries as one of the healthiest things we can eat.  Google “blueberries and health” ….